Catman & Mary

new site concept
update: 5.6.10



Pros: full screen animated interactive site with motion and sound

Cons: 100% flash

Description: Logo and hand scrawled menu items against slightly crumpled binder paper or smudged white paper. When clicked, the whole "page" crumples into a ball...


like so...


and then uncrumples to show the new page.



Pros: keep stuff in the current site you like while adding elements we need and changing stuff that's out of date. Can implement more quickly.

Cons: nothing too new or fancy. Keep pop-up interface for clips.

1. Splash screen with added post it notes and crumpled scraps of paper highlighting: Stanley, Plenty, Reel, Twitter Feed.

2. Updated clips features new material like Rachel Roy.

3. Poloroid images replaced with images from Rachel Roy etc.

4. Additional click thru section added: Pharmaceuticals

5. Add some names to the client pool list

6. Swap final we are here graphic for rendering of midtown with current address.




Pros: keep feel and tone of current site that you like but add interactivity, animation and sound. think it could be much, much cooler.

Cons: requires addition of some flash spinkled in here and there. flash does not work on iphones and ipads. could have a 'non-flash' button near the splash for those devices.

(RED INDICATES FLASH-- based on additions outlined in Concept #3)

1. Role over the C & M icons and they change colors and make weird noises. Fun and playful.

2. Craccck. On rollover a plant sprouts from a seed.

3. Flash video screen loads clips right on the site meaning no pop ups necessary. More elegant clip viewing experience.

4. Rachel Roy and other C&M images "develop" before our eyes in the polaroid. Different images load when you click them.

5. Subtle and simple animatoin in the brain makes doodles come to life.

6. On rollover, doodle fish swim around and bubbles issue forth

7. sounds of the city on rollover.