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American Lung Association
National Mission and Ask Videos

Other projects:
American Express
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Since 2001, when Dana Communications approached Catman & Mary to produce two national videos to promote the American Lung Association's integrated media campaign, we've produced over ten projects for this esteemed national health care organization.

Our core values don't change whether we're making one or a hundred projects for a company or organization - make great, communicative work and always bring creativity into the process. From fun animation to asthma interviews, script-writing to sound mixing, we've covered a lot of wonderful ground with the Lung Association.

The advantages of longer, multi-project relationships are self-evident - our work becomes even more responsive to the changing needs of the organization as the shared history grows. We can listen even more closely. Projects include:

- Mission Video ("Fighting Bad Air, Big Tobacco, and the Asthma Epidemic")
- 100th Anniversary Project ("Hope, Determination, Action, and Change: 100 Years")
- Asthma Walk Promotional Pieces 2002 and 2003
- Tobacco Issues in the United States
- Asthma and Children Today
- The Many Faces of Lung Disease
- Corporate Promotional CD